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A holistic approach to healing the mind & body, improving total body health, and achieving your healthiest weight as a side effect.

This is an online program for you to become your healthiest & best version of you! 
  • lose weight sustainable long term
  • without counting calories
  • or missing out on delicious foods¬†
Holistic  Health, Nutrition,  Mindset, & Weight Loss  Transformation
This Program Is For You If:
    ‚ě§ You're struggling with weight loss and starting to have health problems arise,¬†

    ‚ě§ You want to reverse symptoms and the burden disease and get off medications...

    ‚ě§You want to feel better, more confident and GOOD in your body, without worrying about your weight or health declining..

    ‚ě§Your doctor recommends you get healthier & make a lifestyle change,¬† but you are confused and don't know where to begin or how to stay on track.

      Your New Step by Step Plan 

      to gaining health and losing stubborn weight!!

      ‚úŅ Online Course¬†
      Weekly learning modules with specific action steps  for achieving lasting weight loss and optimal health! You get everything you need in this program:

      The healthy nutrition plan, the workout recommendation, the education, the mindset work, the stress relief, the self care tips.... ALL IN ONE!

      ¬†‚úŅ Weekly Nutrition¬† Education and Weight Loss¬†Meal Plans
      ¬†‚úŅ¬† Education for Physical¬†Fitness and¬†Workouts¬†Included
      ‚úŅ Weekly¬†Mindset & Mental Health Reprogramming¬†
      ‚úŅWeekly Emotional & Spiritual Health¬† Rebalancing¬†
      ‚úŅ Text/Video Chat & Email access & support available!

      ‚úŅLife time access to the program¬†



      ¬†PROGRAM INFO ūüĎá
        Online Learning

        You will learn the foundations of healthy nutrition, weight management, chronic disease prevention, healthy mindset & more. (Value > $5,000) 
        Preview of Example Course Topics:
        • Identify What's Actually Healthy Nutrition for Optimal Health and Weight Loss¬†
        • ‚ÄčLearn What is NOT Healthy: The Lies You've Been Fooled to Believe
        • What to Eat, ‚ÄčWhen to Eat, How to Eat, How to Cook, How to Shop...
        • Learn ‚ÄčHow Hormones, Stress,¬† Inflammation, Digestion, & Mental Health All Impact One Another & Contribute to Weight Gain and Disease & How to Balance All the Above
        • ‚ÄčStop Dieting, Stop Binge Eating, & Have Confidence in Food Choices at all times
        • ‚ÄčHow to Manage Eating Out, Traveling, and Holidays, Weekends
        • ‚ÄčHow to Stick with Healthy Habits, Motivation¬†& Staying On Track
        • ‚Äč‚ÄčHow to Prevent Common Chronic Diseases (heart disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke, cancer)
        • ‚ÄčLearn How to achieve to your best state of Health, and Have a Permanent Life Transformation You Love and Enjoy!

        *Pre-recorded video, audio and reading learning formats in this online course. This is a do it yourself, at your own pace program
         (or upgrade to 1:1 coaching) 

        Weekly Meal Plans & Healthy Eating Guides 
        Meal plans, over 300 different recipes > $2000 Value

        You will get healthy and sustainable results with the proper nutrition your body needs!

        You'll finally stop dieting, stop counting calories, stop resorting to numbers and trust your body. You will reach your healthiest weight. 

        Different options each week to make sure there is plenty of variety. 

        You’ll get a simple plan making things quick  (and you'll save money) - all you have to do is trust the process and let your body do its thing! 

        You'll understand how to plate your meals for max weight loss, healthy weight maintenance, and and an optimal healthy body!

        You'll learn to master the skill of healthy eating, how to cook quick, easy, and delicious meals + look forward to eating healthy!!!
        Weekly Mental Health Work + Mindset Coaching
        15 + Exclusive Healing Meditations & Visualization Audios, Weekly Affirmations, Journal Prompts & More > $3000 Value
        Here’s the thing, mastering your mindset first is the secret to any lasting transformation. I help you change and rewire, the way you're thinking so you can get effortless sustainable results.

        With these program techniques you will let go of all the habits that do not serve you, and come out of this transformed into your best self: healthy, happy, healed, & confident like never before!

        You have the power RIGHT NOW to change the way you think and feel about yourself. 

        I struggled so long with playing the victim, a negative mindset, and limiting beliefs. Once I become trained in mindset and self mastery, I realized I was the only thing standing in my way. You have the power my love, I'll help you unlock it! 

        *This is one of the main differences that sets this program apart! It is crucial and really is the key to your success!  

        You will learn why nothing in the past has worked and how to actually succeed at all your goals for good this time!

        ‚ú® FREE BONUSES!‚ú®


        BONUS #1 
        Workout Program For At Home 

        + My Gym Routine 
        + My Booty Growth Focused Guide 

         (VALUE > $500)

        No time for the gym 7 days a week? No worries! Included is my easy to follow exercise program. These are short & effective workouts great for beginner and intermediate physical activity levels. 

        Any movement is great and a daily walk is what I recommend to all, but resistance & strength training is even better for building muscle +  burning fat! 

        My home workout routine with demo'd videos including 4 at home workouts each week. The time spent on the workouts is ultimately up to you! 100 filmed & demo'd workouts + My Gym Workout Guide in PDF. 

        BONUS #2
        Modules on Manifestation, Laws of the Universe, How to Manifest and Achieve Anything! 

         (VALUE > $500)

        EPIC Bonus Modules on Law of Attraction and the Other Universal Laws, Manifestation, Spirituality, Self Mastery, Energy, and more. These modules are here to help you learn to use the powerful abilities within you to achieve anything you desire. 

        BONUS #3 
        Itemized Grocery Lists + Latest Recipes

         (VALUE > $300)

        You’ll get a simple shopping list making things quick and easy - all you have to do is trust the process and let your body do it's thing! You won't need to count calories or count points. I make it EASY! 

        Theres for variety, you won't get bored with the recipes, it'll be a perfect foundational healthy eating plan that you'll actually want to stay consistent with. 

        BONUS #4
        PLUS Private Exclusive Facebook Group  & Support 

        You get group support with daily motivation, tips, recipes, and support from me and other ladies.  This is my private group with exclusive daily content for motivation and inspiration to keep you on track and aligned to your goals! 

        You get the chance to ask questions in the group, get insights, and share your wins to motivate others too.

        BONUS #5
        *Option to UPGRADE to Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions
         (Exclusive Custom Coaching)

        Additional option to upgrade to private 1:1 coaching! Coaching is where the CHANGE happens. This what my clients tell me the get they the best results from! 
        I hold them accountable and help them through their own unique challenges, and give personalized guidance and recommendations. 

        Weekly or biweekly - 30 min or 1 hour virtual sessions. Daily talk/video support. 
        Upgrade after purchase of the online program. Limited coaching spots available*

        SALE PRICE $333
        YOU PAY ONLY 12 payments of $27.75


        About Your Coach
          Hey! I'm Taylor. BSN, Registered Nurse by license & degree, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, & Holistic Health Coach.

          Advanced training in Weight Loss Management, Chronic Disease Prevention, Mindset (NLP), Meditation, Energy Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching, Certificate of Law of Attraction, and more. All of these are utilized in this program and services. 

          With my unique background, I understand the role nutrition, lifestyle, & environment plays in illness & dis-ease at an intimate level, I know what it takes to HEAL.

          I went from over 30 pounds overweight, unhealthy, unhappy, confused, & I was at my rock bottom. Now I am the happiest + healthiest I've ever been and helping other women feel the same. 

          My purpose in the world is to help YOU in becoming the best version of yourself, achieving your perfect health.

          Having a healthy balanced lifestyle is possible. It's even possible without having a constant fear around food, without calorie counting, without spending a ton of dollars on health care costs, and definitely without feeling miserable all the time..

          Losing weight and maintaining it IS possible WHILE doing everything you LOVE! 

          Being happy in your body & loving yourself IS possible! 

          If you've tried all the diets, nothing ever worked.. then you need a holistic approach to weight loss and heal the root causes of your weight issues, and create new healthy behaviors for good!

          I've created this program for you to have all the right tools, education, & support you need so you can finally achieve your dream results!¬† I want nothing more than for you to HEAL and FEEL you best‚̧ԳŹ
          Why The Total Body Transformation Program?

          A holistic approach is needed, addressing all areas of life, as they all impact one another. It's necessary for you to transform your mind, body, and spirit, so you can finally become the person you're desiring to be.  

          Without the holistic approach you will stay struggling. This is the best and the last transformation program you will ever need! 

          So let's get real, what do you have without your health?

          When you focus on overall health and self love first,  HEALING happens, weight loss is a side effect.

          This transformation program is not just about you getting a healthy foundation for nutrition and physical health, but even better, you'll gain a new positive outlook on life and have an unbreakable love for yourself. You will transform into the best  version of yourself! 

          The specifics of this transformation program are rooted in research of the healthiest, happiest, thinnest, and longest-lived people on earth...

          I know you’re ready, the time is now! All you ever have is right Now! Let's go girl!

          If you do not achieve better health or weight loss in 12 weeks... No Worries!
           Money-Back Guarantee!


          If you follow this program, I guarantee you will come out of this transformation healthier, happier, and better! 
          RISK FREE!
          YOU PAY JUST 12 PAYMENTS of $27.75!
          12 Payments of $27.75
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          Order Summary
          Total Body Transformation Experience
          Dynamically Updated

          THE TOTAL VALUE OF THIS PROGRAM >/= $10,000 

          • What's a better LIFE worth to you?¬†
          • What is your health & happiness, and your dream life worth to you?¬†
          • This is exactly what you need, never buy another program ever again...

          "The physical world is just a reflection of what's on the inner world"

          Weight loss is merely a reflection of healing and balance within the mind body and soul...

          This program teaches you how to do just that! Seriously, you have nothing to lose. Don't wait any longer. Get started Now!

          What My Clients Are Saying:

          "This program is exactly what I was looking for and more. I wouldn't be where I am without it. Thank you so much for helping me improve my relationship with food and myself!" 
          "You will completely transform your life for the better with this all in one transformation program! I am so grateful for this program! I've never done anything like this before. It was exactly what I needed & more."
          "Definitely improved my knowledge of whats actually good for my body, so much better with my self control, self confidence,  and making healthy choices is now EASY for me!"

          "I've never felt this good in my life. My knowledge has expanded in so many beneficial areas. This program goes above and beyond. It is exactly what I needed to improve my health and self love! I am walking away better than ever before!"
          "Thank you so much for helping me realize how much food I was missing out on and helping me eat more! I've never had these results without counting calories and still lose my weight!" 

          "Thank you so much for helping me lower my blood pressure and cholesterol on top of losing my weight. I even got off two of my medications!!"

          FAQ: Answering Common Questions 

          Question: Do I get 1:1 time with Taylor? Aside from the private group and text/ or email, no, unless you join and add 1:1 coaching to your program. After purchase, you can upgrade to private 1:1 coaching not included in the online portion program detailed above. (limited spots available)

          Question: Do I have to count calories? No, by following my principles and my guide to way of eating, calorie counting is not necessary! We find the right style of eating that is perfect for you. 

          Question: Are Results Guaranteed? Yes! 100% If you show up for yourself and complete the program, this is a proven method for improving your health and wellness and achieving your dream results. If you take action on what is laid out for you, of course you will have the best results of your life.

          Question: How much time should I have to designate to my new program each week? As much time as you would like. You get out what you put in.
          Question: Do I need a gym access? No! I give you my 4 week at home workout guide and a gym guide is there if needed! 

          Question: Do I have to be vegan or completely plant based? NO! The food guidelines I teach are educational for you, you make your own decisions and will find what works best for you! I have meat animal and fish recommendations included for optimal health and wight loss.

          Question: How long do I get to complete this and will I have lifetime access? Yes! As long as you complete the 12 weeks of the program, you will have all the content for life! As well as any updates to the program!

          Question: How is this different from your free stuff? 
          My free content mostly helps people realize where their issues are and that they have a problem that needs solved. My transformation program is a step by step method that will show you what to do for fixing those issues, while becoming your happiest & healthiest self, and learning exactly what to do for lasting weight loss, and gaining better health. 

          "I took my prescription to focus on health and self love, I found healing and weight loss was my side effect..."

          NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!


          • "Eating healthy is hard, expensive, takes too much time, and my family gets in the way..."
          • ‚Äč‚ÄúDiets don't work for me"...
          • ‚Äč"I don't have the time to cook, workout, or sit down and learn or make time for this program"...

          GOOD NEWS I teach you how to make, shopping, cooking and eating, fast, quick, enjoyable for the whole family. 

          This program isn't a diet- diets in and of themselves are short term temporary solutions. 

          I show you how to build a healthy foundation you can love for life!

          The program includes content for all types of learning styles, you can take it anywhere anytime, and go at your own pace! 

          Copyright 2020  Taylor Plunk Consulting, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

          This program is for general health & wellness education purposes only.